Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tempore what the fucker that's been posting the TiKToK things is calling his/herself. Yeah, I have no clue who they are, or how they got my info to sign in to my account, but I know they have something to do with SlenderHERP.

Oh, and yesterday, I fought a couple Proxies. Sent 'em home limping to their master. Boy, is He gonna be pissed, at them. XD

Anyways, that's all I wanted to say. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to watch some more Buffy the Vampire Slayer :3

Best Wishes
The time is drawing near
Until He is here
But still He will wait
Until the proper date


Saturday, February 12, 2011


WOW. The last few days have been busy, on and off the internet. I haven't been on too much cause real life got in the way, such as searching for a job and general running around. Which, yes, did include some Slender-avoidance maneuvers, and some Proxy-hunting. But other than that, things have been pretty quiet here.

Other places, however, have been going absolutely fucking nuts, what with Redlight capturing the apparently still alive Reach, and then threatening to kill him. By the way, can anyone give me the low down on Redlight and Robert and all that? Cause I'm not sure where to find the proper blog that explains everything. :/ Oh, but it is good news that Robert was able to rescue Reach. :D

Anyways, on to what you guys are REALLY here for: Boring Autobiography Stuff! YAY! :P


So, by this point, we had figured out that Slender was hurt by fire extinguishers. And so Martin decided to start trying other things that had been mentioned in other blogs, such as holy water, crucifixes, baseball bats, and everything else under the sun.

However, all of these had no effect, as you probably guessed. That was when SlenderHERP disappeared for a few days, and instead, we were being followed by some kid in a red and grey stripped sweater. Martin wondered who he was, and why he was following us, though it was obvious to me. When I told him it was a Slender-Proxy, he just stared at me.

"I thought that Proxies were mutated and deformed creatures, or something," He said, staring at me. I rolled my eyes.

"No, they pretty much look like every one else, except sometimes they wear masks over their face." I shrugged, telling him I could handle it, if he got me a nice, strong wooden baseball bat and some nails. He got me what I asked for and I hammered the nails in etc, etc. I approached the Proxy with my spiffy new weapon and wacked him something good, but only on his arms and legs, nowhere vital. I was (and still am) too much of a coward to go all out to kill another human being. Though I expect that the time will come when I have to. I'm just trying to put that off for as long as possible.

The Proxy hobbled off, and the next day Slenderpherp was back to his usual stalkingness. I went outside when I saw Him, with my bat, and held it out to 'show' Him. I told him that the dark colored parts were His Proxy's blood, and that he'd better not send anymore, or the next one would get hurt much worse. He just did his creepy head tilt and I went back inside.

At this time Katerina was the only one not aware of His presence in our lives, and her parents were dertermined to keep it that way. I was all for that too, that is until Stacia got tired of having to dodge Kat's questions and just straight out told her. She laughed it off, and then came and told me, so we could laugh together. She wasn't expecting me to flip my shit and start yelling at Stacia. After I calmed down, I explained everything, and I told her parents when they came home that I had had no choice because of Stacia.

Kat's reaction was no less than I expected. She flipped her shit too, freaking out, alternating between screaming at all of us because we kept it a secret, to crying in the corner while rocking back and forth muttering about how 'He can see everything, even inside my head'. Eventually she calmed down, though, even now, she's still not the same.

Now that we all knew, we began enduring anything He could throw at us. Which wasn't (and isn't) much compared to what He's done to others. Sure, we've had to fend off Proxies, sometimes by the hoard, and we've had to deal with Him always being there, but what Slender-stalkee hasn't had to deal with those same things? We're lucky in that that's all we've had to deal with. I just hope our luck holds out.


Well, that's all the crucial information of my story so far. I'll keep updating with what's going on here, if not day by day, then every couple of days.

Also, yes, I've seen that weird post on my blog. The tiktok one. I'm not going to freak out just yet. I want to see if it happens again. And in case you were wondering, no I was not on the computer at that time. I had commented on a few blogs, and then left my laptop to go take a shower, and when I came back, it was up. No one else was in the house at the time, nor did anyone come home while I was showering, so I have no idea who could've posted it. All I'm worried about right now, is Slendy and the Proxies.

Best Wishes

P.S. Slendy and the Proxies should totally be a band  like Josie and the Pussy Cats XD

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where the line between fantasy and reality thins
That is where it begins
When things you think you only thought take shape
That is when you seal your fate

-ibit tempore cum venerit-

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, today, nothing much happened. I stayed home, cleaned and did some online applications. I'd peek out the window every now and then, and Slenderpherp was there about half the time. The times He was, I'd stare for a few seconds before returning to whatever I'd been doing before.

Also, yesterday, it wasn't a Proxy on the trampoline, it was just some neighborhood kids who come and jump on the trampoline when they think no one's home. Sure sent 'em running though, when I came outside with my trusty baseball bat, complete with protruding nails and dark blotches. But I'll get into how I acquired that bat, along with how it got those blotches another time. Today, I want to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to give you guys some background information about me. Oh, and yes, it IS all relevant, so no skipping it!


When I was younger, in about second or third grade, I loved The Nightmare Before Christmas. I loved, loved, LOVED it.

Also, you know that little voice in your head that tells you what to do? Your conscience? Well, you know how some people have something to represent your conscience, like Pinocchio had Jiminy?

Do you see where I'm going with this? No? Then let me elaborate.

My favorite character in The Nightmare Before Christmas was, of course, Jack Skellington. And being the impressionable little girl I was, I started to imagine talking with him. And somehow, some way, he became the face of my "conscience". Now, I put that in little quotation marks because sometimes he'd tell me to do things that I knew weren't right. That I knew I shouldn't do. I can't remember what those things were that he was trying to get me to do, but I just knew they were wrong.

How does this tie in with Ol' Slenderbender, you ask yourself. Well, there are a lot of people who, not knowing about the Mythos, confuse SlenderHERP with Jack, and so viola!

This is why I partly agree with Zeke Stram's theory that some of those being followed now escaped Him as children. Because I believe my little second grade brain couldn't cope with the facelessness, and so instead made Him look like Jack. Or something like that, I don't know. All I know is, I think He stalked me when I was younger too.

One last thing about this: I didn't remember this particular little factoid about my early life until just after I started researching Him. Yeah. Trippy, huh?


Anyways, that's it for today. I'm tired. I'm going to try and sleep, keyword there is TRY. Night.

Best Wishes

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fighting Back

Okay, so today. Ah, today. Ann dropped me off in the middle of town, to make rounds filling out applications, to try and find a job. She says she wants to maintain a semblance of normalcy. I doubt she even really knows what that means, but I digress. So, I was walking around, everything going fine, not seeing Him anywhere. Until I had to walk over this bridge with big, ol' spindly effin' trees on both sides of it, so close you could reach out and snap off one of the little dry twiggy branches without straining yourself. Of course, I started to panic a bit, but other than that I didn't see much. Kept looking everywhere, trying to see if that over there was a tree or Him? Or was that movement, a bum, or a proxy? I was so damn paranoid, I was utterly relieved when I made it to the library and scrambled inside.

Nothing else happened, except I started panicking again when I had to cross the bridge to get back home. I didn't see Him until I started on my way back. I looked over my shoulder, and there He was about a yard or two behind me. I kept checking all the way home, and he maintained the same distance. Until I was on the last leg of my journey, which is up a humongous ass hill. As I was trudging up it, each time I looked back over my shoulder, He was a little bit closer than He was before. I stayed cool as long as I could, but once I was almost to my door, I looked back to check one more time.

And he was right there. So close, if I stuck out my tongue I would've licked him. I was frozen, but had enough control to look up at him. And see him staring right back down at me with his not-face. I saw his hand move, except it was less like a hand and more like a bunch of long, white worms.

He touched me. He touched the top of my head and I felt this weird buzzing all through my body. Like my entire being was a cellphone set on vibrate. Then I blacked out. When I came to, I was inside, sitting on the couch with Katerina, playing Super Mario Bros. Wii. Suffice it to say, I booked it upstairs, and locked myself in my room to have a little mini-freak out. But enough about that I should continue the story, huh?


It was after a few days of research and gathering of supplies, that Martin decided to make his first attack against SlenderHERP. We were at one of his jobs, just me and him. Martin owns his own janitorial company, and I help work with them. Anyways, we get out and there's Slendy, chilling down the hill from us, just watching as usual. Martin spots him and casually takes the first of his researched 'weapons' out of the back of the van. A fire extinguisher. He sort of waddles up to Slim Jim, whipping out the extinguisher as fast as he can, and begins spraying it. It wafts around Slenderbender's legs like nothing, coating him with a layer of white foam.

Then Martin decides to turn it on His not-face. For a couple seconds nothing happened. We waited, Martin continuing to spray the CO2. Suddenly, this shriek, this bone-chilling scream echoes across the parking lot. Except it's not just one but a hundred, a thousand high pitched keens. And it sounds like kids. Thousands of little kids being tortured, and releasing the same agonized shriek. I couldn't stand it, I covered my ears and closed my eyes, but it was like that sound was in my very bones. I opened my eyes long enough to see Slendershit whip out one of his tentacles, and thrash it at Martin, knocking him to the ground. He was in front of me in the next instant, and I blacked out.

Both me and Martin woke up a couple hours later, back in the car, with our seatbelts on like we never even got out. I hurried to unbuckle myself, and ran to the spot where the white CO2 stuff was, and looked for anything like the substance that the other guy who used an extinguisher found, but I had no luck. He probably took it with him. We went inside the building and did our work as fast as we could, before hightailing it home. We both had had enough for one night.


That's all for now. I think there may be a Proxy outside. I hear the springs in the trampoline squeaking, and anybody that would go out there and jump on it aren't here. I do believe it's time to relieve some aggression. Where did I put my bat? ;)

Best Wishes

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Being Hunted Sucks

Title has nothing to do with how today went, but does have to do with this next section of my story I'm about to tell. I haven't seen Him today, but just because He's not bothering with me right now doesn't mean He's not messing with some of my fellow bloggers out there. Stay strong you guys.

Also, I did end up throwing that pad at him. He stared at me, and then at it, then back at me, and then He picked it up and began inspecting it. After I ran back inside, I peaked out my window and He was gone. Today, I found a pack of the exact type of pads on my door step. With a fucking note. It said, "Hope this is enough (x)". Bet it was a fucking Proxy cause I don't think He has any clue what those are.  At least, I hope He doesn't, or the world just got a little more fucked up than it already was. Anyways, on to the story.


After that first sighting, I saw him everywhere. And I mean, EVERYWHERE. Whenever I turned my head, He was there. I could always see him out of the corner of my eyes. Sometimes I'd stare back at Him, other times I'd just try and ignore Him. For the next week, nothing much happened. Stacia didn't seem to notice him, as much as I could tell. It wasn't until the next week, when she came into my room, looking particularly scared, that I asked.

"You seeing him too?" I asked. She just nodded, and went over to my window to peak out. I knew, even before she shuddered and looked away, what she saw. He was out there, like normal. Well, as normal as He could be.

"I'm going to tell Mom and Dad," She said. I shook my head really fast and told her that that was NOT a good idea, that we shouldn't involve more people than had already been dragged in.

"I don't care, I can't handle this. I need them to know." I could see the tears in her eyes, and so I agreed to help convince them. We found them both relaxing in their room, and as soon as we walked in Stacia started crying and spilling everything. She didn't even need me to say anything. Except when they told her it was all in her head and that there was nothing to be afraid of. I got mad.

"Nothing to be afraid of? This THING kills people every day!" They looked at me like I was crazy. I rolled my eyes, seeing they still didn't believe us. I dragged them both into my room and pointed out the window.

"Look for yourself and tells us it's all in our heads." I thought that, like a lot of people, they actually wouldn't see him and would just be like 'WTF we looking at?'. Instead, they both gasped, and their eyes got as big as dinner plates. The both started babbling quite incoherently, and making gestures out the widow, and I nodded.

"Yeah, I know, right?" I said, glancing between the both of them. I knew they needed time to cool down and process so I let them go back to their room, though they periodically came back in to peek out my window again and again. Every time, so as not to disappoint, He was there. I gave Martin links to all the blogs I had fund so far, and told him to read up.

After a few days of research, he decided he wanted to try and find Slenderfuck's weakness.


And that's where I'll end for today. I know some of you may call me an idiot for getting a whole family involved, but I take responsibility. It was my fault, but there's nothing I can do about it now. What's done is done. Now all we need to do is stay strong and keep fighting. Also, the use of the 'nicknames' Slenderfuck, Slendershit, and Slendercock I got from Ava, over on her blog, The London Librarian. :3

Best Wishes