Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Start of It All

Okay so this is how it's going to work: I'll give a little life/going-ons update, use a line or something to seprate that from the story. I'll stop at what I deem appropriate parts, so you won't be completely overwhelmed, or anything. Okay? Okay. Let's get this shit started.

As of right now, He,  you all should know who I'm talking about, is outside, just, ya know, watching, like always. Fucker, do you even know what's going on right now? I'm on the rag motherfucker. I will throw something at you if you don't stop the creepy fucking headtilt. I'm much braver when I'm having my 'time of the month'.

....I wonder what he'd do if I threw a pad at him? Not used of course, but still...It would be fucking hilarious.


It started a few months back, in early to mid November to be precise. Some of my friends has watched Marble Hornets, and were raving about how awesome, and effin' scary it was. I thought it might be something I'd want to check out, but didn't get around to. That is until Little Effing Kuriboh put up Concrete Giraffes. It was all over for me after that. I HAD to look up Marble Hornets. I watched the first few Entries, then I went to goddamn TVTropes, and looked up the Slender Man mythos. Yeah, I finally said it. So what?

Anyways, I looked it up and read it, and a few of the blogs, until the wee hours of the morning. Once I woke up, I asked Stacia, a 12 year old who's the daughter of my mom's best friend, and the family I was staying with, if she wanted to watch something really scary with me. She agreed and we started watching Marble Hornets together, strictly during the daytime though, so we wouldn't get too scared. After watching up to however far it was at the time, I told her everything about the Slenderman that I had read. And then I told her sister, Katerina, 14 years old. And then her Mom, Ann, and her Dad, Martin. Yeah, I know I'm an idiot but I didn't know at the time, how real this all was.

None of them freaked or started getting paranoid or anything, and for a while we all just laughed at it. That is until Stacia saw him outside. Now, I have a friend who cosplays (AKA dresses up) as good ol' Slendy, and I'd told Stacia about him, and said I was going to cosplay Masky with him being Slendy. So, having this information, naturally she thought that it was my friend standing outside, just staring up at the house. She came into my room from being outside on the trampoline we have out front, and said, and I'm quoting here: "Haha, very funny, Summer, but I didn't believe it for a second." I asked her what the heck she was talking about, and she pointed out the my window. I peaked out to see THE Slenderman standing across the street, just watching, like normal. I played it off, pretending that she caught me, and shooed her off to her room.

After that, I locked the door to my room, and began to quietly freak the fuck out. I bawled, whimpered, screamed into a pillow, and curled up into a fetal position, the whole shebang. After calming myself down, I took another look outside. He was gone. That was the first week in December.


I'll continue later. For now, I think I may just take myself up on my idea to toss a pad at Slendy. Might as well be good for a laugh.

Be seeing you, non-existent audience.


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