Saturday, February 12, 2011


WOW. The last few days have been busy, on and off the internet. I haven't been on too much cause real life got in the way, such as searching for a job and general running around. Which, yes, did include some Slender-avoidance maneuvers, and some Proxy-hunting. But other than that, things have been pretty quiet here.

Other places, however, have been going absolutely fucking nuts, what with Redlight capturing the apparently still alive Reach, and then threatening to kill him. By the way, can anyone give me the low down on Redlight and Robert and all that? Cause I'm not sure where to find the proper blog that explains everything. :/ Oh, but it is good news that Robert was able to rescue Reach. :D

Anyways, on to what you guys are REALLY here for: Boring Autobiography Stuff! YAY! :P


So, by this point, we had figured out that Slender was hurt by fire extinguishers. And so Martin decided to start trying other things that had been mentioned in other blogs, such as holy water, crucifixes, baseball bats, and everything else under the sun.

However, all of these had no effect, as you probably guessed. That was when SlenderHERP disappeared for a few days, and instead, we were being followed by some kid in a red and grey stripped sweater. Martin wondered who he was, and why he was following us, though it was obvious to me. When I told him it was a Slender-Proxy, he just stared at me.

"I thought that Proxies were mutated and deformed creatures, or something," He said, staring at me. I rolled my eyes.

"No, they pretty much look like every one else, except sometimes they wear masks over their face." I shrugged, telling him I could handle it, if he got me a nice, strong wooden baseball bat and some nails. He got me what I asked for and I hammered the nails in etc, etc. I approached the Proxy with my spiffy new weapon and wacked him something good, but only on his arms and legs, nowhere vital. I was (and still am) too much of a coward to go all out to kill another human being. Though I expect that the time will come when I have to. I'm just trying to put that off for as long as possible.

The Proxy hobbled off, and the next day Slenderpherp was back to his usual stalkingness. I went outside when I saw Him, with my bat, and held it out to 'show' Him. I told him that the dark colored parts were His Proxy's blood, and that he'd better not send anymore, or the next one would get hurt much worse. He just did his creepy head tilt and I went back inside.

At this time Katerina was the only one not aware of His presence in our lives, and her parents were dertermined to keep it that way. I was all for that too, that is until Stacia got tired of having to dodge Kat's questions and just straight out told her. She laughed it off, and then came and told me, so we could laugh together. She wasn't expecting me to flip my shit and start yelling at Stacia. After I calmed down, I explained everything, and I told her parents when they came home that I had had no choice because of Stacia.

Kat's reaction was no less than I expected. She flipped her shit too, freaking out, alternating between screaming at all of us because we kept it a secret, to crying in the corner while rocking back and forth muttering about how 'He can see everything, even inside my head'. Eventually she calmed down, though, even now, she's still not the same.

Now that we all knew, we began enduring anything He could throw at us. Which wasn't (and isn't) much compared to what He's done to others. Sure, we've had to fend off Proxies, sometimes by the hoard, and we've had to deal with Him always being there, but what Slender-stalkee hasn't had to deal with those same things? We're lucky in that that's all we've had to deal with. I just hope our luck holds out.


Well, that's all the crucial information of my story so far. I'll keep updating with what's going on here, if not day by day, then every couple of days.

Also, yes, I've seen that weird post on my blog. The tiktok one. I'm not going to freak out just yet. I want to see if it happens again. And in case you were wondering, no I was not on the computer at that time. I had commented on a few blogs, and then left my laptop to go take a shower, and when I came back, it was up. No one else was in the house at the time, nor did anyone come home while I was showering, so I have no idea who could've posted it. All I'm worried about right now, is Slendy and the Proxies.

Best Wishes

P.S. Slendy and the Proxies should totally be a band  like Josie and the Pussy Cats XD


  1. "Welcome" to the club. Only thing I can say: Good luck, brave one.

  2. Thanks Shelby. I'm not new to this whole scene,but I did just finally stop lurking and got myself my own blog. :3 And good luck to you too.

    Best Wishes